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1930s cameras, an era of fundamental changes to camera design, despite the Great depression. Wood has all but gone except for the cheaper cameras and some of those hide it. Thousands of differing designs come and go as a public hungry for pictures continue taking up photography en masse. The folding bellows lens bed camera with lots of black paint are still very much in vogue but now chrome plating supersedes nickel plate. Many cameras of this period and before, were just light tight assembles to which third party lenses and shutters were attached, these being the hardest components to get right. Roughly in the middle of the period 35mm cameras, the so called miniature camera, with daylight loading 135 cartridges begin to appear and rapidly gain popularity. Bakelite is used for some cameras and aluminium continues to be used for some parts. Die cast metal bodies are used increasingly as the era progresses. The Twin Lens Reflex camera matures and the birth of the modern Single Lens Reflex arrives in the form of the Exakta VP. The Leica comes of age now accepting the 135 cartridge, setting a style trend for satin chrome plated top housings and black covered bodies. The style would predominate within a decade and influence camera styling to this day. There has been a shift in the manufacturing centre, the majority of high quality equipment is now coming from Germany, although mass market cameras are produced in many countries.

Select a vintage camera image, below, to view details, most cameras have 360° views. Pictures are not to scale.

 Agfa Billy Clack Camera
Agfa Billy Clack
Agfa Boxx 44 Camera
Agfa Box
Argus A Camera
Argus A
Argus C Camera
Argus C
Certo Dollina Camera
Certo Dollina 1
Ensign Autorange Camera
Ensign Autorange 220
Ensign Cameo Camera
Ensign Cameo
Ensign E20 Camera
Ensign E20
Ensign E29 Box Camera
Ensign E29
 Ensign Midget Camera
Ensign Midget
Foth Derby Camera
Foth Derby
Ihagee Exakta VP Camera
Ihagee Exakta VP
Ihagee Parvola Camera
Ihagee Parvola
Various Kodak Box Cameras
Various Kodak Box Cameras
 Kodak 620 Mod. C Camera
Kodak 620 Model C
Kodak 620 Mod. D Camera
Kodak 620 Model D
Kodak Brownie Six-16 Camera
Kodak Brownie Six-16
Kodak Jiffy Camera
Kodak Jiffy
Kodak retina 117 Camera
Kodak Retina 117
Kodak six-16 Camera
Kodak Six -16
Kodak six-16 Camera
Kodak Six-20 Junior
Reflex Korelle Camera
KW Pilot Super
 Leica II Camera
Leitz Leica II
 Leica II Camera
Leica III
Nagel Fornidar Camera
Nagel Fornidar
 Nagel Librette Camera
Nagel Librette
 Nagel Vollenda Camera
Nagel Vollenda
Purma Special Camera
Purma Special
Reflex Korelle Camera
Reflex Korelle
Franke & Heidecke Rolleiflex
Voigtlander Brillant Camera
Voigtländer Brillant
 Zeiss Box Tengor Camera
Zeiss Box Tengor
Zeiss Icarette Camera
Zeiss Icarette
Zeiss Ikonta Camera
Zeiss Ikonta 520
Zeiss Ikonta Camera
Zeiss Ikonta 520/2

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