Vintage and Classic Cameras
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1900s, vintage cameras are predominantly the folding type constructed of wood, metal parts are usually brass -occasionally nickel plated and bellows are often fashionably maroon in colour.
Prior to this, antique cameras in the 19th century were also mostly of wood , quite often lacquered rather than covered in leather, the early bellows types often had square cut corners - see 'bellows cameras'.
The earliest cameras, say 1850s to 1860s, were often formed by two rigid boxes, one inside the other, unfortunately the LICM currently has no examples.

Select a vintage camera image, below, to view details, most cameras have 360° views. Pictures are not to scale.

Butcher's Cameo Camera
Butcher's Cameo
Columbia Pecto Camera
Columbia Optical Co. Pecto 1
Houghton Midg
Houghton's Midg
Early Kodak Box cameras
Kodak Box cameras
Kodak FPK E2 Camera image
Kodak FPk E2
Reko Camera
Rochester Optical Co. REKO
Sanderson Camera
Sanderson 5 x 4" Plate (Houghtons)
Sanderson Camera
Sanderson Quarter Plate (Houghtons)
Thornton pickard Camera
Thornton Pickard

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