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Thornton Pickard Double extension quarter plate camera, c1905-ish!

Thornton Pickard camera, an English mahogany & brass, double extension field camera with Thornton Pickard roller shutter, twin rack and pinion focus (the picture shows the extension at its fullest extent) with rise and fall movements. Lens and tailboard tilt is also possible. These cameras were made to be used on a six lug stand only, so no form of finder other than the ground glass screen is supplied. The largely open wooden structure made these cameras quite lightweight for their day, but consequently they are also a little flimsy. Thornton Pickard made heaps of cameras of this sort for mail order companies and others such as Boots (the chemists) and when found they are frequently unbranded in any way. Although having a passing resemblence to Thornton Pickard's other offerings, these cameras were in no way as good. Being at the cheaper end of the market, the unbranded versions weren't well equipped either, this example only being fitted with a two element lens of F/11. Acquired in 1991 and cosmetically preserved as found, but the shutter was repaired shortly afterwards. Originally no tripod was available until the lamented "Peter pan's Bazaar" of Gosport stepped in and gave us the charred remnants of two salvaged from the ruins of their shop after it burnt down. From the remains of the two tripods we salvaged the brass parts and enough wood to make the three legs required. It still shows signs of the fire damage, but like the phoenix it has risen.

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Thornton Pickard Double extension quarter plate camera
Body No.23, this is a component No. but its consistent over several parts.
Shutter, Thornton Pickard, speeds 15th to 90th, variable spring tension.
Lens, f/11
Condition, 4F
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