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Vintage larger format folding cameras.

Given that the numerical majority of folding cameras fall into the 6 x 9cm format, this collection of "larger format folding cameras" refers to anything larger, it's a somewhat arbitrary definition, but it suits the purpose here. "Larger" is a mute point as many of these cameras pre dated the existence of 120 roll film... so larger than what? Back in their day, they were just cameras, big and a little cumbersome and slow to use - they would serve as the benchmark by which all other derivatives would justify their claims. Generally they would be tripod mounted, the image composed and focussed on a ground glass screen before the light sensitive plate was inserted into the camera just before taking the image. In purist terms this is the ideal situation, as each plate is exposed exactly as required and can be processed individually making allowance for lighting and compensating development accordingly. Later amateur cameras using roll film, just used larger film and were effectively outsized cousins on the many 6 x 9cm folding cameras, few of these designs survived into the 1940s, but the large format studio camera survived mostly in 5 x 4 inch format well into the digital era, some even being adapted with digital backs.

Those in the LICM collection are listed here in date order, starting with the oldest.


Thumbnail CameraRochester Reko half plate camera c1899
Thumbnail CameraColumbia Optical Co. Pecto 1, Quarter Plate Camera, c1900
Thumbnail CameraHoughton, Sanderson hand & stand camera, c1902
Thumbnail CameraKodak No. 3 Folding Pocket Kodak, Model E2. 118 roll film camera, c1904
Thumbnail CameraHoughton, Sanderson 1/4 Plate hand & stand camera, c1904
Thumbnail CameraThornton Pickard quarter plate camera, c1905-ish!
Thumbnail CameraButchers Quarter Plate Cameo, c1910
Thumbnail CameraKodak,No.3A Folding Brownie, Postcard format roll film camera, c1910
Thumbnail Camera Kodak,No.3A Folding Pocket Kodak, Postcard format roll film camera, c1910
Thumbnail Camera Kodak, No.3 Folding Pocket Kodak model G, c1911
Thumbnail CameraKodak, No.3 Autographic Kodak model G, c1914
Thumbnail CameraButchers 122 (85 x 135mm) roll film camera 'The Famous Carbine', c1915
Thumbnail CameraIca?, postcard format plate camera, c1925
Thumbnail CameraNagel, Fornidar 30, 9 X 12cm plate view camera, c1930
Thumbnail CameraKodak, Six-16 self erecting type, 616 roll film, c1934
Thumbnail CameraKodak, Six-16 Junior, 616 roll film camera, c1935

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