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Ica?, postcard format plate camera c1925

An, as yet, unidentified folding postcard format camera devoid of markings, bar a serial number on the lens bed. Entirely conventional and probably German manufacture. The main shell is a light coloured wood, the front hatch aluminium plate and the lens standard a zinc cast unit, features that all indicate early to mid 1920s. The decorative covering is a man made faux leather on linen base, another 1920s feature on cheaper cameras. The shutter fitted is again unmarked, the pattern, speed sequence, general styling and construction suggest it's a Gauthier shutter, with styling cues from Dervals and Varios of the period, but no AGC logo. Ica would seem to be a logical suspect, but Ica plate carriers don't fit, the rails are too close to the shell. It's not an expensive camera, but a competent one, probably made for export for any one of a number of third parties who would buy off the shelf cameras to sell on as "own brand' or simply unmarked. This would even extend to High Street chemists and photographic suppliers. The lack of markings suggest it might have been just post war and anything ostentatiously German might have been seen as unpalatable by the British. In the absence of any better idea, it's listed as Ica but if anyone wants to put me straight on this - I'd be delighted to hear from you. The only markings at all are those required for using it, including one of the camera's more distinguishing features, the focus scale shown here. This scale is calibrated in feet, so the camera was destined for the British or US market. When received it was rather tatty and went through a deep clean, overhaul and restoration process. However due to the lack of plate carriers, that have an unusually thin rail, it awaits its first post restoration photographic outing.

Focus scale Ica?, postcard format plate camera c1925

Body No.3402
Shutter, speeds T, B, 25, 50, & 100th
Lens No.101246, Extra Rapid Aplanat, f/8
Condition, 5F

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