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Kodak, Six-16 self erecting type, 616 roll film camera, c1932

Kodak, Six-16 Kodak, Rochester NY made camera for six exposures on the newly introduced 616 roll film. A handsome art deco styled camera constructed from stamped and folded metal sheet. This camera was introduced along with 616 roll film. 616 being the same size as 70mm 116 film but wound onto slimline spools, in much the same was as 620 was to 120. The camera was an extensive exercise in styling, with enamelled and chromed brass side plates, angular body, ostentatious chromed erecting mechanism and pentagonal No.1 Diodak shutter. A certain amount of caution needs to be exercised when opening, as the lensboard needs to be held upright to prevent jamming. Fitted with one of Kodak's own home produced shutters, rather than the more expensive types - it was aimed at a broader market. Art deco styling makes it rather attractive and it was for this that it was bought for the collection in 1997.

Film makers who also made cameras often used the inside of the camera as an advertising opportunity and you will often find such labels. Sealed away in the dark, the inks are protected from fading and their brightness is often in stark contrast to the dour exteriors. Here is the one from the back of this Kodak camera.

Kodak 616 film label

Kodak, Six-16 self erecting type, 616 roll film camera,       c1934

Body No.95844
Shutter, No,1 Diodak, speeds T, B, 10, 25, 50 & 100th
Lens, Kodak Anastigmat, 126mm f/6.3
Condition, 5F

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