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Kodak, Six-16 Junior, 616 roll film camera, c1935

English made Kodak, another of their prodigious and inexpensive cameras. The Diodak shutter has an interesting exposure guide feature whereby the user lines up the lighting conditions with a shutter speed. Under "brilliant" conditions it suggests an exposure of 1/25th sec at f/16, which would indicate that the film speed was in the order of 25ASA.

Film makers who also made cameras often used the inside of the camera as an advertising opportunity and you will often find such labels. Sealed away in the dark, the inks are protected from fading and their brightness is often in stark contrast to the dour exteriors. Here is the one from the back of this Kodak camera.


Kodak 616 film label

Kodak, Six-16 Junior, 616 roll film camera, c1935
Body No.None
Shutter, No,1 Diodak, speeds T, B, 25, 50 & 100th
Lens, Kodak Anastigmat, 126mm f/6.3
Condition, 5F
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