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Kodak, various box cameras representing 1901 - 1933

Kodak, various box cameras representing 1901 - 1933

So many box cameras were produced by various companies it would be difficult to list them all. They are extremely common and can be picked up for as little as £1. These three are all Kodak examples, from left to right: No.0 Brownie c1915, No.2 Brownie made from 1901 until 1933 and a No.2 Rainbow Hawkeye, although this example is boringly black - rather than one of the coloured versions. The No.0 takes 127 film, No.2 takes 120 which was introduced for it, so it's claim to fame might well be that. The No.2 Hawkeye uses 120 again. All have similar basic rotary shutters giving speeds of instant or timed. Since these simple Box cameras vary little in overall terms, we chose the middle one from above for the rotating view.

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