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In the 1920s, camera construction begins to evolve - wood starts to give way to metal bodied cameras, but the need to keep them compact whilst being carried means that most cameras are the folding type. Industrialized mass production techniques reduced the cost of buying a camera so that the general public took to making snapshots. This was assisted by generally increasing amounts of leisure time in the industrialized countries and relief at the end of the First World War and the outbreak of Spanish flu. Camera styling becomes noticeably austere, black paint predominates, black leather bellows and black leatherette covering feature in many designs, brightened by nickel plated parts and occasionally chrome plating. Aluminium starts to feature in the construction of cameras as pressings or castings.

Select a vintage camera image, below, to view details, most cameras have 360° views. Pictures are not to scale.

Ansco No.3 Vest Pocket Camera
Ansco No.3 V.P.
Ensign Speed reflex Camera
Ensign Speed Reflex
Vest Pocket Ensign Camera
Ensign VP-Ensign
Ensignete Camera
Houghtons Ensignette
Ica Camera
Vest pocket Kodak 1920
Kodak 1920 VPK
Vest Pocket Kodak Camera 1925
Kodak 1925 VPK
No.1 Autographic Camera
Kodak No.1 Autographic
No.1 Autographic Camera
Kodak No.1 Autographic
Kodak No.1 Pocket Junior Camera
Kodak No.1 Pkt. Jnr
No.2 Brownie Camera
Kodak No.2 Brownie
Various Kodak Box Cameras
Kodak Various Box Cameras
Nagel Recomar Camera
Nagel Recomar
Thornton Pickard Ruby Reflex Special Camera
Thornton Pickard Reflex Special
Unknown Camera from DRP
Unknown DRP

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