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Houghton, Ensign Ensignette 2 1/4B Junior, 120 roll film collapsing strut camera, c1920

This Ensignette 2 1/4B Junior dates from around 1920 and is an exercise in cost cutting. Privations following the end of the First World War probably have an influence here. There are almost no plated parts, instead thin black enamel has been used. The strut braced arrangement is a relatively straightforward way to achieve a rigid lensboard, but the quality is such that this camera is far from straight, not that it would have mattered much. The body and lensboard are wooden, pinned and screwed together, the metal parts are simple pressings painted black. It's no better than a typical box camera of the era, but with the advantage that it collapses into a smaller space. Later versions were constructed of pressed aluminium sheet.

This camera along with the original box was donated in October 2013 by Mr. D. Batten, needing some cosmetic treatment and the shutter repairing. The simple construction making it easily repaired.

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Image of Ensignette 2B
Ensign roll film label Badge affixed to camera Far left, is the film label stuck in the back of this Ensignette, as photographed prior to removal. The back was in need of rust treatment and it wasn't a forgone conclusion that the label could be be removed safely before being stuck back later. As it turned out, it soaked off easily and did go back after the back had been re-sprayed, but we have shown it here before treatment. The neat little Ensign badge is set into the side of the camera.

Body No. None
Shutter, T & B
Lens, f/11
Condition, 5F

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