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Vintage 6 x 9cm folding cameras.

120 roll film was used from it's 1901 introduction in 6 x 9cm format, or rather its imperial equivalent, mirroring plates that were available in that size. A close cousin to 120 is 620 introduced in 1932 (discontinued in 1995), the same film rolled onto a slimmer spool, the objective being to slim down camera design. One of the commonest formats to be found in vintage cameras it was used for the most primitive box cameras up to professional standard cameras. It's principle disadvantage lay in the few shots per roll, in 6 x 9cm format you get just eight shots. The format survived up until the late 1950s, although 120 roll film cameras survived largely in 6x6cm format. Fortunately the backing paper is still printed with 6x9cm frame numbers to this day.

6x9cm format cameras in the LICM collection are listed here in date order, starting with the oldest.


Thumbnail CameraKodak, No.1 Folding Pocket Kodak, 120 roll film camera, c1912
Thumbnail CameraKodak, No.2 Folding Autographic Brownie, c1916 -1926
Thumbnail CameraHoughton, Ensign Ensignette 2 1/4B Junior, c1920
Thumbnail CameraKodak, No.1 Autographic Kodak Junior (Rochester built), c1920
Thumbnail CameraKodak, No.1 Autographic Kodak Junior (Toronto built), c1922
Thumbnail CameraAnsco, No3 Vest Pocket Junior, c1923
Thumbnail CameraUnmarked & unremarkable German import, c1925
Thumbnail CameraNagel, Recomar 18, 6 X 9cm plate view camera, c1928
Thumbnail CameraZeiss Ikon, Icarette 551/2, 120 Roll film or 6.5 x 9cm Plate Camera, c1928
Thumbnail CameraKodak, No.1 Pocket Kodak Junior folding 120 roll film, c1929
Thumbnail CameraEnsign, E20, c1930
Thumbnail Camera Nagel, Librette 65, 120 roll film camera, c1930
Thumbnail CameraHoughton Butchers 6 x 9cm Cameo, c1931
Thumbnail CameraZeiss Ikon, Ikonta C 520/2, 120 roll film camera, c1931
Thumbnail CameraAgfa, Billy-Clack Nr. 74, 120 roll film camera, c1934
Thumbnail CameraKodak, Six-20 Junior, Model D, c1934
Thumbnail Camera Kodak Six-20 Model C folding roll film camera, c1934
Thumbnail CameraKodak, Jiffy (series II), 620 roll film camera, c1937
Thumbnail CameraEnsign Selfix 820 Folding 120 roll film camera, c1950
Thumbnail CameraVoigtländer Bessa I, folding roll film camera, c1950
Thumbnail CameraKershaw Soho Penguin. 120 roll film camera, c1953

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