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Grandfather's Unmarked & unremarkable German import, c1925

German folding 120 roll film camera. All I know about this is that it was bought in 1927 by my Grandfather and it was in regular use until the late 1950's, when it was superseded by a certain Dacora. This is the camera mentioned in the introduction, it may be Huttig, but the quality is fairly low, so the jury's out.

So far as I'm aware it was bought through a catalogue or newspaper advert, possibly The Daily mail. Takes 8 pictures 6 x 9cm. Still working, but all the gallery examples are contemporary pictures from the 1930's. It's anonymity is part of its charm, part of me is quite happy for it to remain so, lets keep it that way. This camera was always the cause of much hilarity, as it tended to 'cut off peoples heads'! The cause was a bent waist level finder - no one had cottoned on in twenty years! With the waist level finder swung out to allow landscape viewing, there was always the risk that someone would attempt to close the camera without returning the waist level finder to the portrait position, with the result that it would get bent down. This is what happened to this one at some stage, the adopted solution for 25 years was to aim high!

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Huttig or Ica Camera c1927
Body No.unmarked
Shutter, speeds T, B, 25, 50 & 100th
Lens, Spezial Aplanat 105mm f/8
Condition, 6F
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