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Dacora 120 roll film camera c1952

This German Dacora 120 roll film for 12 exposures on 6x6cm format, strut braced, self erecting camera was my first camera, handed down from my Mother. Results from this camera were generally rather disappointing. Particularly as the film rollers tend to stick mutilating the film emulsion in the process. This is a design flaw common to this and the Dacora 1. The film supply spool puts strain on the film transport rollers as they share a common pivot point - this acts as an efficient brake. It's a bit of a shame as, aside from this elementary design flaw, it's well made and otherwise on par with its better known contemporaries, Agfa Isolette and Zeiss Nettar also in the collection. The main casting and general arrangement is also shared by the Dacora Subita. Pictures from this were developed at home, using the same developer several times, in an ancient developing tank, and printed in contact frames on the kitchen table during the winter months when it would get dark earlier! The present day arrangements are only marginally less primitive.

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Dacora 120 roll film camera c1952

Body No.38048
Shutter Vario, B, 25, 75 & 200th/sec
Lens, Subita anastigmat 75mm f/5.6
Condition, 5J

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