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Agfa, Isolette 1, 120 folding roll film camera. c1954

This Agfa Isolette, stems from a long lived family of cameras starting around 1938, and the name was applied to a number of models until 1960, during which time the design progressed. One aspect remained constant though, the 6 x 6cm format - giving 12 frames per roll, although some earlier models had the facility to mask to 4.5 x 6 cm, which gave 16 frames. The 6 x 6 cm format market was popular for years and there were hundreds of cameras catering to it, from the humble box camera up to the top notch Rolleiflex. This particular model is from 1954, and is targeted at what might be best described as the popular market. It gives a good deal more control than a box camera, but its Vario shutter has few speeds. It would have been in direct competition with the Dacoras and the Zeiss Nettar, also in the collection and the Agfa shares an identical shutter with the Dacora. The Isolette was also available with better shutters and lenses. Build quality is reasonably refined, as were many of its contemporaries, so it needed to be. But the top housing is a bit flimsy and the bellows are plastic over linen, and prone to "pinholing". This format results in a 75mm focal length lens being fitted, the use of a slightly longer length in this Isolette is a little unusual.

Donated by Mr. J. Hallum. March 2009.

Agfa, Isolette 1, 120 folding roll film camera. c1954

Body No.QS 2391
Shutter, Vario, 25, 50, 200th and B setting.
Lens, Agfa Agnar 85mm f/4.5, serial C84511
Condition, 5G

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