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Zeiss Ikon Nettar 518/16 120 roll film camera c1955

German made, strut braced, self erecting folding camera contemporary with the Dacoras in the collection and in direct competition with them, the Zeiss wins. This is due mainly to build quality, although this was not an expensive camera. It does, in fact, share the same shutter mechanism as the Dacora.

The Nettar series was introduced in the late 30s and continued in production into the late 50s. Later ones have satin chromed top housings in line with the fashion of the time. They were available in various sizes, all taking 120 film but changing the orientation accordingly. Those fitted with Zeiss Tessar lenses are more desirable than those with Novar or Nettar lenses.

This 518/16 joined the collection in February 2010, it shares many components with the 517/16 also in the collection, in fact it's the same camera with a more angular viewfinder housing.

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Zeiss Ikon Nettar 518/16 120 roll film camera c1955

Body No.Z15386
Shutter, Vario speeds; B, 25, 75 & 200th
Lens, Novar Anastigmat 75mm f/6.3
Condition, 5F

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