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Zeiss Ikon Nettar 518/16 120. Photograph gallery.
Jubilee Sailing Trust's Tenacious alt=

Two images of the Jubilee Sailing Trust's "Tenacious". Seemingly a suitably date ambiguous image for the Nettar, the "Tenacious" was in fact laid down in 1996, making her maiden voyage in September 2000. She is seen here under power heading south along Southampton water in July 2012.

Velocette MAC, 1951

Bridge over troubled water

Nothing date ambiguous about this subject matter. This Velocette MAC motorcycle was first registered in 1951 but was photographed with the appropriate era Zeiss Nettar in August 2012. This Velocette MAC was one of the last iron headed models built. The design dates back to around 1931, so by 1951 it was getting overdue for some improvements.

The bridge at right was taken in August 2012. All the images show a little fogging around the edges.

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