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Dacora 120 roll film camera. Photograph gallery.

Stonehenge 1973

This is the first photograph I took! It's not included here for it's compositional subtleties (come to think of it - I don't think any of the others are either), but more for its historic nature. I'm talking about those flares! This is, of course, Stonehenge, in England, and the picture was taken around 1973, when I would have been 9 years old. The characteristic Dacora scratches are rearing their ugly little heads again. However the two frames below escaped unscathed, you could never tell what it would do.

Home Farm was in the village of Middle, North Stoneham, Hampshire. Middle was absorbed into Eastleigh, and erased from the maps. Home Farm was abandoned, fell into disrepair and eventually was bulldozed. This is one of the buildings at the farm gradually succumbing to the elements in 1978. Oddly enough, this was one of those rare occasions when the Dacora let the film through without chewing it up horribly.

Home Farm was in the village of Middle

T.31 Cadet XE800

Three images taken at RAF Upavon in Wiltshire in the Spring of 1980, when I was taught to fly a T.31 Cadet. The picture, above, shows the basic instrumentation. I seem to recall this was XE800.

At right, is me about the time of my first solo in WT901.

first solo in WT901

Slingsby T.31 XE800 resting between       sorties at RAF Upavon

Slingsby T.31 XE800 resting between sorties at RAF Upavon. This image was terribly scratched originally, but was painstakingly retouched, as it was the only full image I had of one of the gliders during my time at RAF Upavon.
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