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Kodak, No.1 Autographic Kodak Junior, c1920 (Rochester built)

Folding No.1 (120) roll film autographic camera made by the Eastman Kodak Co. Rochester. Made from 1914 to 1924. Composite construction, the sides of the camera are of wood, machined with slots and channels. Into these are pressed the stamped and folded aluminium part, forming the fim chambers, focal plane aperture and main body. Hinged to the front, forming the front and lens bed is a pressed aluminium panel with a riveted rail to run the lensboard out. The back is formed from aluminium sheet cleverly rolled to form the back and ends, and detaches completely to gain access to the film chambers. The bellows are natural leather over card stiffeners and linen liner, as was usual. The whole camera is wrapped with coarse patterned natural leather. Fitted with a Kodak ball bearing shutter. The camera was fairly complex to manufacture due to the mixed materials and Kodak would seek to transition to all metal cameras in due course. To give Eastman Kodak their credit, the camera was a decent performer for the day. The other one in the collection is a Toronto bulit camera. Looking at the two cameras is interesting as it demonstrates one of the major success factors of the industrial age, mass production and standardization. Even though the two cameras were made maybe years apart and certainly in different factories in different countries, the components will swap across to the other. This Rochester version has slightly different equipment fit however, with larger diameter shutter, larger collapsing waist level finder, fewer pleats in the bellows as well as an Anastigmat lens. During this era it wasn't uncommon for camera retailers to afix supplementary badges to equipment they supplied, this camera having the brass plate of "The Westminster Photgraphic Exchange Ltd." cut into and pinned to the camera. As received this example was an utter wreck, however it has been partly restored as it is complete with its original stylus, cable release and dealer badge. Donated by David and Jackie Clarke.

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Kodak, No.1 Autographic Kodak Junior, c1920 (Rochester       built)

Body No.369019
Shutter, Kodak ball bearing shutter, speeds T, B, 25 & 50th
Lens, Kodak Anastigmat, f/7.7 No. 60645
Condition, 6F

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