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Kodak, Six-20 Junior camera, Model D c1934

English made Kodak 620 folding bellows camera for eight exposures 6 x 9cm, contemporary with the Kodak Six-20 Model C - but aimed at a broader audience. Economies were made in styling, cheap self energizing shutter, lens and the finish. The camera is constructed almost entirely of pressed metal components riveted and soldered closed, with a black enamel finish. All the covering is man made and the bellows are of light proofed linen. As originally supplied the camera would have had screw in blanks in both tripod mounts and also one in the cable release socket. The design is self erecting, although there is no spring to extend the hatch/lens bed, the bellows have sufficient spring to pop the hatch enough for it to be extended all the way manually. The lensboard locks into place gently but rigidly, closing being accomplished by first depressing the circular button on the lens bed beneath the shutter. Its simplicity has aided it survival this long without any trouble and will continue to take pictures for as long as anyone can be bothered to wind 120 film onto 620 spools.

Film makers who also made cameras often used the inside of the camera as an advertising opportunity and you will often find such labels. Sealed away in the dark, the inks are protected from fading and their brightness is often in stark contrast to the dour exteriors. Here is the one from the back of this Kodak camera.

1930s Kodak label for 620 film

Kodak, Six-20 Junior camera, Model D c1934

Body No.168002
Shutter, Kodak, speeds T, B, 25, 50& 100th
Lens, Kodak anastigmat 100mm f/6.3
Condition, 6F

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