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Houghton Butchers, 6 x 9cm Ensign Cameo view camera, c1931

The Cameo was a name applied to a long line of cameras initially started by Butchers prior to their merger with Houghtons. The pre WW1 examples were imported from Germany, but subsequently manufacturing was entrusted to Houghtons. The name continued to be applied to cameras after the formal joining of the two companies and this example dates from about 1931. The date for this camera has been derived from the serial number of the Compur shutter by comparing it with others of a known date. The makers persisted in the use of wood for the main carcass but the lens bed is aluminium and the lensboard supports of cast aluminium. The bright metal parts appear to be chrome plated despite a faint yellow tinge. There is provision for ground glass focussing, a wire frame finder, waist level finder and a distance scale for good measure. The camera is fitted with lens rise and cross movements as well as double extension bellows. All told it's a pretty useful thing. The added benefit from the collectors point of view is that it is best used with roll film backs that take 120 roll film. Our very used example was donated to the collection in December 2004 by Mrs. M. L. South and was put through a fairly extensive clean and restoration process including the stripping of the Compur which was very dirty inside. Some cosmetic work was carried out and a replacement waist level finder was fitted as the original was missing.

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Houghton Butchers, 6 x 9cm Ensign Cameo view camera, c1931

Body No. G23699
Shutter, Compur Serial No. 2636961, speeds T, B , 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 & 250th, fitted with delayed release.
Lens, Ross Xpres 105mm f/4.5
Condition, 5F

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