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Zeiss Ikon, Ikonta C 520/2, 120 folding roll film camera, c1931

The Zeiss Ikonta 520 series was available from 1930 and there are quite a few shutter and lens combinations. It is of the self erecting type, that is the lens deploys as the front hatch is opened and locks firmly into place. The 6 x 9cm format would normally result in a lens of 10.5cm focal length being used, but this example uses a Zeiss Jena Tessar of 9.5cm. The serial number is appropriate for the age and the shutter serial seems about right as well, so it seems to be genuine. This Ikonta was for the wider market and as such the body doesn't have a serial number. In Common with most Zeiss products it's well made and sturdy and conveys the feeling that a little more effort as taken. The viewfinder is the direct view or "sportsfinder" type, with a small waist level finder too. The short release cable has a neat storage location inside the lensbed/hatch.

This example was donated in November 2011 by Dennis Gittings.



Zeiss Ikon, Ikonta C 520/2, 120 folding roll film camera
Body No. N/a
Shutter, Compur Serial 1145543, T, B, 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 and 300th
Lens, Tessar 9.5cm f/4.8
Condition, 5F
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