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1940s camera development stalled somewhat due to an austere period for everyone whilst the world went through the upheavals of WW2 and economies hauled themselves out of the subsequent difficulties. Camera styling wise, the black body with chrome top started to be popular, aluminium tended to be used at the end of WW2 for entire cast bodies when it was used at all, 35mm was firmly established but cheap cameras persisted with the 120 or 620 format. The waist level finder, so common up to the 1930s, vanishes from camera designs. The folding camera's heyday has ended and the viewfinder camera takes the lead for the everyday snapshot camera. Wood is now a thing of the past and the 1930s Leica styling influence is taking hold.

Select a vintage camera image, below, to view details, most cameras have 360° views. Pictures are not to scale.

Agilux Agflex I Camera
Agiflex I
Bolsey B Camera
Bolsey B
Bolsey B2Camera
Bolsey B2
Ensign Commmando Camera
Ensign Commando
Ensign Ful-Vue Camera
Ensign Ful-Vue
Ensign Ful-Vue Camera
Ensign Ful-Vue
FED 1 Camera
Kodal 35 Camera
Kodak 35
Kodak Retina II Camera
Kodak Retina II
Robot II camera
Robot II
Universal Mercury Camera
Universal Mercury II
Zeiss Ikonta B Camera
Zeiss Ikonta B (521/16)

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