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Bolsey B2, 35mm coupled rangefinder camera c1949

The Bolsey B2 was a development of the Model B incorporating a number of improvements. Despite appearances there are fewer common parts than might be thought, but still based around four nicely made aluminium castings. The Wollensak shutter is still as basic as before but has the added feature of flash synchronisation. These Shutters often turn up non-functioning, but the simple construction makes them easy to repair - as in this case. The other principle modification is double exposure prevention, which consists of a rather "Heath Robinson" affair in the form of a spring loaded rod that protrudes from the body preventing the shutter cocking lever returning to the start position - until the camera is wound on. Acquired non working and quite tatty, restoration was restricted to function and a deep clean. The brass front plate is a deviation from original, it was so badly corroded it was polished back, since it looked attractive -it was lacquered and kept that way. Production of the B and B2 models ceased around 1956.

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Bolsey B2, 35mm coupled rangefinder camera c1949

Body No.181593
Shutter, Wollensak, speeds T, B, 10, 25, 50, 100 & 200th
Lens, Anastigmat 44mm f/3.2
Condition, 5F

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