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Vintage rangefinder cameras.

The first rangefinder camera was one of Kodak's prolific roll film folding cameras. With the film loaded there was no means to have a ground glass screen so the a rangefinder was incorporated to allow critical focus to be judged. Having the rangefinder coupled to the focus allowed the photographer to compose the image, focus and release the shutter in short order, giving photography an immediacy hitherto impossible. Despite this, it wasn't until the mid 1930s that the rangefinder camera really caught on. Separate rangefinders were popular as accessories too, but as they weren't built in, are not included here.

Rangefinder cameras in the LICM collection are listed here in date order, starting with the oldest.


Thumbnail CameraLeitz, Leica II, 35mm Rangefinder Camera, 1938
Thumbnail CameraEnsign Auto-range 220 Folding 120 roll film camera, c1939
Thumbnail CameraLeitz, Leica IIIA, 35mm Rangefinder Camera, 1939
Thumbnail CameraArgus C3 (aka - the Brick), 35mm rangefinder camera, c1939+
Thumbnail CameraKodak 35, 35mm rangefinder camera, c1940
Thumbnail CameraFED 1, "Commander" 35mm Rangefinder, c1940s
Thumbnail CameraEnsign Commando Folding 120 roll film camera, c1945
Thumbnail CameraKodak, Retina II (type 011), 35mm folding camera 1946 -1949
Thumbnail CameraBolsey B, 35mm coupled rangefinder camera, c1947
Thumbnail CameraBolsey B2, 35mm coupled rangefinder camera, c1949
Thumbnail Camera Agilux, Agifold 120/620 roll film folding rangefinder camera. c1950
Thumbnail CameraKMZ Zorki 1 type C, 35mm rangefinder camera, c1951
Thumbnail CameraBalda, Super Baldina 35mm rangefinder camera, c1955
Thumbnail Camera Kiev Arsenal Kiev4M, 35mm rangefinder camera, c1958
Thumbnail Camera Voigtländer Vitomatic II, 35mm camera c1958
Thumbnail CameraFED 3, 35mm Rangefinder Camera, c1963
Thumbnail CameraZeiss Ikon, Contessa LBE 35mm rangefinder camera, c1965
Thumbnail CameraVoigtländer Vitoret DR, 35mm rangefinder camera, c1965
Thumbnail CameraKMZ Zorki 4, 35mm rangefinder camera, c1970
Thumbnail CameraKMZ Zorki 4K, 35mm rangefinder camera, c1975

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