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Zeiss Ikon, Contina I (d) (526/24-mod), 35mm Camera, c1956

Zeiss Contina I ... and a bit. Although Zeiss was a respected maker of quality cameras, it certainly wasn't above designing equipment for a wider audience and these benefit from the Zeiss quality. The Contina first arrived in 1951 as a folding design but the first of these rigid models arrived in 1954. Although cheaper than other Zeiss products they were still quite up market and the build quality is noticeably better than many of it's contemporaries but there was a cost premium that went with it. This example is probably unique, it's a one off rebuild of a Contina Ib with the light meter , advance gears , shallow Prontor bevel and lens from the IIa.. The main casting is identical between the two models. The two cameras that made it up were donated in January and March 2006, both with major problems so the unusual approach of producing one from the two was adopted. We have christened it the Contina Id!
The camera has a delightfully smooth advance and releases with a pleasing "shhck" and proved very comfotable to hold and use, the slightly wider view than standard is useful too.

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Zeiss Ikon, Contina I (d) (526/24-mod), 35mm Camera, c1956
Body No.R16183 (serial of main casting)
Shutter, Prontor-SVS, speeds B, 1, 2, 4, 8, 15, 30, 60, 125 & 300th
Lens, Novicar, 45mm f/2.8
Condition, 5F

Cover AW



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