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Agilux Agiflex 1, 120 roll film SLR, c1947

This Agiflex I, 120 roll film SLR is an English camera made by Agilux. Agilux themselves were formed by the parent company AGI (dating from 1915), who were primarily engaged in making military instruments, including the ARL aerial camera during the 2nd World War. With the rapid reduction of military work following the end of the war AGI made the logical decision to diversify into civilian cameras. The Agiflex drew from the experience gained with the AGI aerial cameras, often cited as being derived from the Reflex Korelle, a claim that hints that Agilux were just plagiarizing - an unkind suggestion as Agilux made everything including the lenses. Having said that the Agiflex does bear a resemblance to the Korelle, being a similarly boxy 6x6cm format 120 roll film camera. Much of the Agilux product range throughout the 1950s was aimed at the mass market, but the Agiflex was a more refined camera, with bayonet mounted lens mount and a range of lenses to appeal to the serious amateur and those unwilling to pay extra for the albeit better German products and the post war import duties they attracted. For the Agiflex I the lenses available were 80mm and 160mm telephoto as well as extension tubes. The Agiflex II followed which introduced slower speeds and larger lens mount and finally the Agiflex III which was a bit of a redesign. Ultimately AGI decided to get out of the crowded civil market in the 1960s and concentrated on military applications, which they still do in 2020.

At the moment the newly acquired camera has not been seen by the collection owing to Covid19, and a detailed examination has yet to be carried out. In due course we will look into the "Reflex Korelle copy" often heaped on this camera and draw our own conclusions, but it would seem that it's not actually a dimensionally identical copy, but a functional copy, with no parts being interchangeable.

Agiflex 1 camera

Body No. xxxx
Shutter, B, 25, 50, 100, 200 and 500th
Lens, Agiflex anastigmat, 80mm No. 48541, f/3.5
Condition, 8E

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