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Cameras of the 1910s. Cameras of this era are still mainly of wooden folding construction, nickel plated parts are more common than lacquered brass, roll film becomes increasingly commonplace and red or maroon bellows go out of fashion towards the end of the period. The majority of everyday cameras are aimed using tiny waist level finders, which means that many informal portraits are taken from a low viewpoint. The camera manufacturing centres are chiefly in the US courtesy of Eastman Kodak, various English manufacturers and Germany.

Select a vintage camera image, below, to view details, most cameras have 360° views. Pictures are not to scale.

Butcher's Cameo Camera
Butcher's Cameo
Butcher's Carbine Camera
Butcher's Carbine
Graflex 1A Camera
Graflex 1A
Jules Richards Verascope Camera
Jules Richards Verascope
Kodak No.3 Kodak Camera
Kodak No.3 Autographic Kodak
Kodak No.1 Pocket Kodak Camera
Kodak No.1 Pocket Kodak
Kodak No.2 Kodak Brownie Camera
Kodak No.2 Brownie
Kodak No.3A Folding Brownie Camera
Kodak No.3A Folding Brownie
Kodak No.3 Kodak Camera
Kodak No.3 Folding Pocket Kodak
Kodak No.3A Kodak Camera
Kodak No.3A Folding Pocket Kodak
Kodak Various Kodak Box Cameras
Kodak Various Box Cameras
Kodak VPK Camera
Kodak Vest Pocket Kodak
Kodak No.2 Kodak Brownie Camera
Rietzschel Kosmo Clack

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