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Richards, Verascope stereoscopic camera No.7b, c1913

French stereoscopic camera. To explain, the camera has two lenses that are set apart. Each lens exposes a different picture at the moment the exposure is made. Because the lenses are set apart the resulting two negatives are slightly different, and when each print from these negatives is viewed correctly with a special viewer so that what the left hand lens took can only be viewed with the left eye, and so with the right - the images combine to form a 3 dimensional image. It's wonderful and slightly odd, pictures of people at about 3 metres appear as though they are cardboard cutouts! This is rather a tatty example but functioning perfectly, with either plate magazine (which I prefer) or 127 roll film back.

One of two stereoscopic cameras maintained in working order, the other is a GOMZ Sputnik

Body No.1071, Mag.31154, Roll.43241
Shutter, Built in, speeds variable, by air escaping from piston - fast or slow!
Lenses, Zeiss Tessar Nos L,96336 & R,96334 55mm f/4.5
Condition, 6F

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Richards, Verascope stereoscopic camera No.7b, c1913


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