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Richards, Verascope Brief Instructions

Assuming 127 roll film is loaded.

1. Remove Darkslide.

2. Cock Shutter.

3. Select Aperture. Minimum =f8, be careful to check - particularly if choosing f/6.3, there are two levers.

4. Compose picture. Anything required to be in focus should not be closer than 12ft at f/8 or 20ft at f/4.5. The smaller stop increases the depth of field. Choose subjects with strong perspective and try to include foreground interest. However avoid getting anything in the picture that is closer than 7ft. The camera is fixed focus.

5. Release shutter carefully.

6. Unlock wind on capstan (take up spool wheel) and wind on next frame, remember sequence 2, 5, 8 and Finally 11. Re-lock and replace darkslide.

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