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Agfa, Agfa Box 44, 120 roll film box camera, c1932

The Agfa 44 was known as the Preisbox as first introduced and followed the practice of selling the equipment cheap, to geenrate sales on the film subsequently. The German manufacturer Agfa was a fairly prolific manufacturer of cameras as well as film and it's products mirrored those of it's bigger competitor, Kodak, to a very close degree. This 120 roll film box camera was made up to around 1936 and follows Kodak practice closely, though Agfa designed cameras often have neat manufacturing niceties, see the rotating image of this camera for a look inside. Construction is a box of thick cardboard covered in a man made imitation leather, a piece of wood is used to keep the rigidity of the box and serve as the shutter mount. The open ends are fitted with pressed steel ends. As is usual, the whole film transport, including the lens, is withdrawn from the back, after the wind on knob has been pulled out, in order to load or unload the film. The camera makes 8 exposures of 6 x 9cm. The finders are ground glass and just about adequate for the task,

Film makers who also made cameras often used the inside of the camera as an advertising opportunity and you will often find such labels. Sealed away in the dark, the inks are protected from fading and their brightness is often in stark contrast to the dour exteriors. Here is the one from the back of this Agfa camera, in German - indicates that this camera was initially sold in that country.

What is it like to use?

Agfa, Agfa Box 44, 120 roll film box camera, c1932
Shutter, Sector type, timed and instant.
Lens, f/9.5
Condition, 5F



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