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Agfa, Agfa Box 44, 120 roll film box camera. Photograph gallery.
Damp fairground It's bordering on a waste of film to try and take photographs with these old box cameras, but I like to push my luck a bit. Generally speaking these cameras were at their best on a bright day - so naturally I took this one out on a cold drizzly day....

No one seems enthusiastic enough to try this fairground ride, even though it offers a small amont of cover from the weather.

Photographically... well it's sort of in focus. It has a period charm.. and the exposure wasn't too far out. So, bearing in mind what it is.... I feel it's performed as expected

Queen Victoria as she awaits her naming ceremony       at Southampton

A slightly choppy sea laps at the hull of the new Cunarder, Queen Victoria as she awaits her naming ceremony at Southampton.

This Agfa Box camera was built in the heyday of the ocean going liners. Today's cruise liners lack the lines of their forefathers though.. rather too slab sided for my taste. Looks like a container vessel to me!

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