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Nagel, Vollenda 127 roll film camera, c1931

This Nagel Vollenda is a delightful creation from Nagel in Germany. The camera is based around a cast alloy body with pressed steel front and back, bright parts are nickel plated and the covering is man made. The spring loaded front has a very powerful spring behind it that pops the front out with an authority best restrained, releasing the front allows the "sports finder" to be released at the same moment. This version is a basic edition with a self energizing shutter, but other versions had Compur shutters, better lenses and depth of field calculators. There's no need to worry about missing shutter release plungers with the basic editions as they didn't come with one. The Vollenda continued the Nagel reputation of well made cameras, a fact that led to the short lived company's acquisition by Kodak in 1932. However the Vollenda lived on, badged as Kodak, until 1937. It's fair to say that much of Kodak's quality camera output emanated from the former Nagel Stuttgart factory with the pre WW2 output being overseen by Dr. Nagel himself. One can't but help thinking that this little Vollenda has some influence over Kodak's first Retina too. This example was acquired in March 2005 from Canada up until when it spent it's entire life in Toronto.

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Nagel, Vollenda 127 roll film camera, c1931

Body No.120551
Shutter, Vario, speeds T, B, 25, 50 & 100th
Lens, Schneider Kreuznach Radionar, 50mm f/4.5 No. 459195
Condition, 5F

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