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Nagel Vollenda. Photograph gallery.
Wilton Windmill


Beech 'Staggerwing'

Our early efforts with the Vollenda have been thwarted by a persistent light leak, but here are two images salvaged between blocks of fogging. Below is a Beech 'Staggerwing' aeroplane launching itself skyward at Popham Airfield in Hampshire and at right is Wilton Windmill, in Wiltshire.

1/50th sec exposure was used to preserve a sense of speed. This image is a very small part of the original negative, hence the impressively crunchy grain, despite this the springs on the undercarriage legs are quite clear on the original. This little Vollenda is just so cute and compact that it is definitely going to have it's leaks solved for further outings.

Wilton Windmill


Beech 'Staggerwing'

A subsequent outing in 2006 saw a reduction in light leaks after the woolen light seals were replaced, however a small amount of light is still leaking in at the catch.

One of many picturesque English cottages that dot the West Sussex countryside, whilst to the right we have the Warrior, Britain's deterrent force of the 1860's and the first Ironclad. The structure followed wooden shipbuilding practice to a large extent but built of iron and fitted with steam engines and supplementary sails.

Stoking the furnace

Stoking the furnace for one of the boilers at the Wilton Beam Engine house. This was originally built to lift water for the London- Bristol canal, although no longer serving that purpose the engines are maintained in running order a steamed periodically as a tourist attraction.
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