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Vintage 127 roll film cameras.

127 roll film was introduced by Kodak in 1912 in conjunction with the Vest Pocket Kodak, often simply referred to as the VPK. The objective was to make a camera that was a good deal smaller than its contemporaries, one that would fit in a vest pocket. The size caught on readily and many manufacturers started to make cameras that would take this size film. Owing to the smallish negative, the cameras needed to be reasonably refined to get the best from the film, this results in some very nice design choices and many gems amongst them. The VPK used the film to produce just 8 pictures on the roll, as this was the same as you would get with a roll of 120 in the common 6 x 9cm format, this wasn't a disadvantage. Over time cameras evolved to use the film in 4 x 4 cm which would give the user 16 square pictures per roll, but the film was used in different formats throughout its production run. Kodak stopped making 127 in 1995, but it hangs on - just, albeit in small, and expensive supplies.

We listed the 127 cameras as a collection as the film spawned some fine, interesting and sometimes quirky designs.

Those in the LICM collection are listed here in date order, starting with the oldest.


Thumbnail CameraKodak, Vest Pocket Autographic Kodak camera, c1914
Thumbnail CameraKodak, Vest Pocket Autographic Kodak, c1920
Thumbnail CameraKodak, Vest Pocket Kodak B, folding 127 roll film camera, c1925
Thumbnail CameraHoughton Vest Pocket Ensign, folding strut braced, c1926
Thumbnail CameraFoth Derby, 127roll film camera, c1930
Thumbnail CameraNagel, Vollenda 127 roll film camera, c1931
Thumbnail CameraIhagee, Parvola Model 1350, 127 viewfinder camera, c1933
Thumbnail CameraIhagee, Exakta VP Model B, 127 SLR camera, c1935
Thumbnail CameraPurma Special 127 roll film camera, c1937
Thumbnail CameraBencini Comet S, 127 roll film camera, c1950
Thumbnail CameraKodak, Brownie 127 roll film camera, c1953
Thumbnail CameraCoronet 4-4 , 127 roll film camera, c1957
Thumbnail CameraKodak, Brownie 44A, 127 roll film camera, c1960
Thumbnail CameraYashica 44A 127 TLR roll film camera, c1960

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