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Kodak Brownie 44A, 127 roll film camera, c1960

The Kodak 44A qualifies very nicely under the humble category, this plastic point and shoot from Kodak made between 1959 and 1966, taking 12 pictures 44mm square (hence the name). It was the first camera to employ a plastic taking lens from Combined Optical Industries Ltd,using "Perspex". The 44A also has a plastic cover hinged from the bottom of the camera, the later 44B dispensed with this altogether, production ran concurrently with the 44A but for only 3 years or so and are less common. Fitted with two stops numbered 12 and 13, to allow some degree of control over the exposure. This camera was donated by family members, still with a film in it, on frame 4. Although the film was old I finished it off and amazingly not only did the film return a usable picture the first four were still visible too, though fogged.

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Body No. N/a
Shutter, single speed.
Lens, Dakon
Condition, 5F

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Kodak Brownie 44A, 127 roll film camera, c1960
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