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Bencini Comet S, 127 roll film camera, c1950

The Bencini Comet S is a handsome but very simple camera made almost as a single aluminium casting and mirror polished. It takes 16 frames sized 32 x 41mm on 127 roll film and originates from Milano, Italy. The controls are limited to focus and the ability to swap the shutter from instant to B settings, the aperture being fixed. The Comet S was made in at least two styles with the name on the front or top as in our example, which shares much commonality with the Comet II. The camera came with a screw in lens cap, probably fairly essential as the shutter assembly is fairly sloppy and light is likely to leak past. This camera was donated to the collection in April 2006 by Mr. F. R. Garvock.

Bencini Comet S, 127 roll film camera, c1950

Body No. N/a
Shutter, over centre self energizing, I (approx. 1/50th), B only
Lens, Single meniscus Focal length roughly 52mm and f/13
Condition, 5F

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