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Kodak, Brownie 127 roll film camera, c1953

English Kodak made from Bakelite, for 8 frames on 127 roll film. Not much more than a simple plastic box camera with rotund, and rather cuddly, styling. Despite an initial dislike of the thing, I've warmed to it recently - because it returns quite nice results. When put into the context of it's designed market, it was a good tool for the task. It's drawback was a small number of pictures from one roll of film. I have heard tales, possibly apocryphal, of a version produced in limited numbers known as the Albino, in which the white bits were black and vice versa.

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Kodak, Brownie 127 roll film camera, c1953
Body No.No!
Shutter, Yes - simple blade affair, very nearly indestructible.
Lens, Simple single element.
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