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Kodak, Brownie 127 roll film camera. Photograph gallery.

Round the back of the Cathedral

buttresses       at Winchester Cathedral

Winchester, Hampshire. Round the back of the Cathedral. Now, this camera proved to be rather a surprise! The focal plane is curved, and this goes some way to maintaining a respectable edge to edge definition. Also the focus is generally rather good, and despite not having a case and being loaded for several weeks not a single stray light beam entered the camera. Furthermore, despite its primitive construction, it doesn't scratch the film.

This camera takes 8 pictures on 127 roll film, so the negative is a reasonable size, all the same, it's surprisingly good. This picture shows the arches through the buttresses at Winchester Cathedral.

Refueling point at Lockerley

Refueling point at Lockerley. This camera is sufficiently good to find itself on the "use more often" list.

Lymington in the New Forest area of Hampshire

Out towards Lymington in the New Forest area of Hampshire.
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