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Yashica 44A 127 TLR roll film camera, c1960

Yashica 44A, a Japanese Twin lens reflex camera for 4 x 4cm on 127 film. Well made and delightfully cute, the 44A is a simplified version of the model 44, which was close to being a baby Rolleiflex. Unlike the 44, the 44A is wound on using a red site window to see when the next frame is in the gate. Not fitted with antinous (cable) release or double exposure prevention, flash sync is available at all speeds courtesy of the Copal leaf shutter. The 44A was available in a number of colours, Black, Blue, Red and Grey - as in this case. Unfortunately 127 film was discontinued by the mainstream film manufacturers some time back, relegating most 127 cameras to the shelf. All is not lost though, B+W film, made in Croatia, can still be obtained from Jessops in the UK or alternatively from where, incidentally, colour reversal film is also available, both at very reasonable prices.

This camera was stolen 20/7/03 in St. Petersburg, if you find it or are offered it - we would appreciate it back.

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Yashica 44A 127 TLR roll film camera, c1960

Body No.FA5050208
Shutter, Copal, speeds B, 25, 50, 100 and 300th
Lens, Taking and view lenses are Yashicor f/3.5s. S/ns 320061 and 328846 respectively.
Condition, 5F

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