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Yashica 44A 127 TLR roll film camera. Photograph gallery.

Lad paddling in sea with (cuddly) crocodile

The Yashica 44A is slightly easier to use than 6X6cm TLR's due to it's compactness, but still takes a little getting used to. The lens proved to be very nice - producing contrasty and crisp negatives. All told it's a good little camera and one that is worth using. The 44A is fairly limited in shutter speeds, including the lack of a B setting, there is also no antinous release socket. The principle problem these days is the format, as 127 film is increasingly difficult to come by and expensive when compared with a roll of 120. When using it I always felt that the lens focal length was a little on the long side, but checking it I see that it is close to standard. The viewfinder is a little pessimistic however. If you have one - give it an outing before 127 becomes an extinct film format.


soviet iconic sculptures

The Kremlin and St Basils

Moscow 2003.

This magnificent creation must stand 50ft high and can be seen in the North Eastern suburbs of Moscow, shortly before it was dismantled. Even though the concrete plinth is deteriorating badly and the surrounding area derelict and overgrown with weeds, the statue continues to deliver it's message defiantly. I love it! In order to get this picture over a high fence, the camera was held upside down at arms reach over my head.

The Kremlin and St Basils at 11:15pm 16/07/08 - unfortunately the last picture we have from this camera, as it was stolen a few days later.

leaning out to check on the rain

Rummaging through some negatives from the long lost Yashica 44a, I stumbled across this one, and posted it in 2018.
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