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Kodak Colorsnap 35, 35mm camera, c1959

Kodak's Colorsnap 35 arrived in 1959 and was a product of the London division of Kodak. Contrary to some reports, it owes nothing to the Bantam Colorsnap with which it shares only a few common fixings and general styling. The Colorsnap 35 is based around an injection moulded plastic body, which includes the external textured effect. Exposure selection is achieved using the Exposure Value scale or pictograms provided. Shutter release is a black plastic button that depresses towards the photographer, its operation is pre tensioned and exceptionally light, for good reason as the fixed shutter speed is fixed at 40th second. The top housing is pressed metal enclosing the viewfinder optics, which are a bit vague at the edges and do not have any framing guides. A single sweep lever advance winds on each frame, but the film is not wound back on itself to take out the spring, as would become common 35mm practice in years to come. One interesting feature is the film advance interlock button on the back, which allows the photographer to make deliberate multiple exposures on the same frame, it's operation is fairly stiff as it is required to tension the shutter in lieu of the lever advance.

This camera was donated in November 2011 by Margaret Brooks, in remembrance of happy days with her parents.

Kodak Colorsnap 35, 35mm viewfinder camera

Body No. 114867
Shutter, Kodak self energizing, instant fixed speed 1/40th
Lens, Anaston f/3.9
Condition, 5F

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