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Kodak Colorsnap 35, results

Ocean Liner, RMS Queen Mary in 1963

RMS Queen Mary
Southampton, 1963

This rather nice contemporary image was taken in 1963 using an identical Kodak Colorsnap 35 to our example and is published here with the permission of Mr. C. Hargreaves.

The liner was launched in 1934 and served until 1967 when she made her last trip to Long Beach in California, where she remains moored to this day.

Photographically, the Colorsnap has performed quite well, I cannot quite make out the Tug names, however, six crewmen can be seen clambering up the rigging of the liner's foremast. Also visible are the ship's fog horns, two on the forward stack and one amidships. One of these whistles now graces her new namesake, Queen Mary 2.

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