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Kodak, Bantam Colorsnap, 828 roll film camera, c1955

This Kodak Bantam Colorsnap is a a product of the English division of Kodak and was made in London around 1955+. Outwardly it appears to be plastic, but in fact is a fairly robust metal casting with a plastic top housing. Often reported as being the basis of the Colorsnap 35, this only true in superficial styling terms, construction was totally different. 828 roll film was discontinued in 1985 which made these cameras redundant. I think this was a shame, as it was rather a nice sized negative, significantly larger area than 35mm, but in a camera that was as compact. Since the origins of the collection are very much family based, these days I virtually insist on being given cameras as they reach retirement, this is a good ploy! One that escaped was my Mum's Bantam Colorsnap, which found its way into the bin before it could be rescued. Many years later Mum found another one lurking in the corner of some secondhand shop, and saved it. Here it is then, representing the lost example.

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Kodak, Bantam Colorsnap, 828 roll film camera, c1960
Body No.117941
Shutter speeds, Instant
Lens, Anaston
Condition, 6F

Cover AW



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