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Canon, AV-1, 35mm Auto Exposure SLR camera, c1979

The Canon AV-1 still looks fresh some 27 years after it's introduction. A manually focussed automatic aperture priority camera without manual override, however the resulting shutter speed is displayed in the viewfinder. This camera was introduced parallel with the (then) new Canon FD lens series. For backlit or overly bright situations that might fox the automatics, a button is supplied that drops the shutter speed the equivalent of 1.5 stops. The camera draws its power from the still easily available 4LR44, and will not function at all without one. The viewfinder is a split focus centre with fresnel surround in a matte field, and is very bright. This lovely clean example was donated to the collection in November 2006, (along with it's companion Canon FD 70-150mm zoom lens) by Mr. John Coneybeare and was, surprisingly, the first Canon to join the Living Image.

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Canon, AV-1, 35mm Auto Exposure SLR camera, c1979

Body No.472067
Shutter, stepless Automatic between 2sec and 1000th sec. and B setting.
Lens, Canon FD 50mm f/1.8 No. 1395907
Condition, 5F

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