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Vintage 35mm Single Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras.

The first SLRs in their big wooden form never realized the promise offered by the layout, but of those larger format examples the Ihagee Exakta VP using 127 roll film showed the way ahead. The convergence of different technologies finally married the 135 daylight loading cassette, decent film quality and processing with refinement of manufacture demonstrated by Ihagee and the Kine Exakta was born in 1936. Those early SLRs were fitted with shaded with reversed image vertical viewfinders, so were yet to reach their full potential. The first prism corrected viewfinder became available in 1949 and the rest is history. In it's best manual form the SLR camera would hold the aperture fully open to allow critical focus yet could be instantly "stopped down" to preview the depth of field. The vast majority allowed lens changing mid film. Ultimately metering, both external then "through the lens" and finally fully automated exposure control would make the 35mm SLR the most adaptable and convenient camera photographers had sought.

Those in the LICM collection are listed here in date order, starting with the oldest.

Thumbnail CameraIhagee, Exakta Varex IIa, 35mm SLR camera, c1961
Thumbnail CameraKodak, Retina Reflex III, 35mm SLR, c1961
Thumbnail CameraIhagee, Exakta Varex IIb, 35mm SLR camera, c1963
Thumbnail CameraMamiya, Prismat CPH, 35mm SLR camera, c1963
Thumbnail CameraKMZ Zenit 3M (KMZ), 35mm SLR camera, c1963
Thumbnail CameraPentacon, Praktica VF, 35mm SLR, c1964
Thumbnail CameraKMZ, Zenit-E, 35mm SLR, c1965+
Thumbnail CameraPentacon, Praktica Nova B, 35mm SLR, c1965
Thumbnail CameraAsahi Pentax Spotmatic SP, 35mm SLR, c1965
Thumbnail CameraNikkormat FTN, 35mm SLR camera, c1967
Thumbnail CameraKMZ, Zenit-B, 35mm SLR, c1968+
Thumbnail CameraPentacon Praktica Super TL, 35mm SLR Camera, c1968
Thumbnail CameraNikkormat EL, 35mm SLR camera, c1973
Thumbnail CameraPentacon, Praktica LTL3 35mm SLR, c1975
Thumbnail CameraAsahi Pentax K1000, 35mm SLR, c1976
Thumbnail CameraAsahi, Pentax ME, Automatic 35mm SLR, c1976
Thumbnail CameraNikon FE, 35mm compact SLR, c1978
Thumbnail CameraCanon, AV-1, 35mm Auto Exposure SLR, c1979
Thumbnail CameraOlympus OM10, c1979
Thumbnail CameraKMZ, Zenit-XP, 35mm SLR, c1983+
Thumbnail CameraPentacon, Praktica BC1, 35mm SLR camera, c1985
Thumbnail CameraNikon F401, 35mm SLR, c1987

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