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Canon, AV-1, 35mm Auto Exposure SLR camera. Photograph gallery.

new Cunard Liner, 'Queen Victoria'

Two extremes of exposure to give the AV-1 a test. At right, the new Cunard Liner, 'Queen Victoria' awaits here naming ceremony in dull conditions and light drizzle.

straight into sun

Whilst straight into sun, the AV-1 seems to cope without any drama.

temperature was minus four celsius

temperature was minus four celsius The two shots, left, were taken in early 2009 when the temperature was minus four Celsius. These images were taken from slides. I was interested to see how the Canon performed, as slide film is much less tolerant of exposure inaccuracy. I was pleasantly surprised with the results, all but the most challenging worked out fine.


Using a deliberately small aperture to force the camera to use a ludicrously long exposure, produces this delightful brush stroke background. For added difficulty the Canon had the Canon 70-150mm FD zoom fitted.

Despite a general reluctance to use automatic exposure cameras, I've grown to like this one, I find it still allows me to do exactly as I want to, without the need to press lots of buttons or fiddle with controls. A little understanding of exposure is all one needs to get the best from it.

An abstract image

An abstract image, again using the 70-150mm zoom lens made for this camera. Hard to find anything to criticise with this neat little Canon, it's well made, light and produces good results.
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