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Ricohflex Million, TLR, results.
The last remaining red signpost in England Chilly river scene near Ovington in Hampshire

A few sample images with the Ricohflex Million.

The last remaining red signpost in England. These signs were put up for the benefit of prison guards marching prisoners from one place to another during the Napoleonic wars - they simply followed the red signs apparently, as few were sufficiently educated to read the signs. Which rather begs the question, how did they know which direction to go when they got to this sign?

The chilly river scene was taken near Ovington in Hampshire.

Demonstration of a 
 first World War era field kitchen Demonstration of a 
 first World War era field kitchen

A couple of images taken at a re-enactment society demonstration of a WW1 field kitchen. This was taken at the Bovingdon Tank Museum in Dorset.

The Ricohflex Million is a reasonable performer, it isn't a Rolleiflex for sure, but it's light and easily handled, the controls are smooth and the results are acceptable.

Russian T34 tank

At the same day this Russian T34 caught my eye with its Soviet flag fluttering in the brisk wind.

The camera was sufficiently responsive to allow me to get the hammer and sickle visible on the first attempt. It's also held a nice amount of detail into the shadows.

All told, Ricoh made a decent effort with this entry level Twin Lens Reflex.

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