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Ricoh (Riken) Ricohflex Million, 120 roll film, Twin lens reflex camera, c1957

This Ricoh Ricohflex Million is an entry level Twin Lens reflex tracing its ancestry to the 1950 Ricohflex III. Whilst Ricoh made no "Rolliesque" pretensions for it, the execution exhibits a little more finesse than some of it's contemporaries. Construction is fairly simple, a box from pressed and folded mild steel sheet, finished with black enamel and faux leather infills. Turned aluminium lens barrels, geared to each other for focussing. The Ricohflex Million has an interesting feature that allows different film backs to be used, either 120, 127 or even 36mm. To facilitate this, a rotating plate the back allows the red window to be moved to the appropriate position to align with the backing paper numbers. This wouldn't work with 35mm, as it has no backing paper, so the red window has a blanking plate, and the user rotates the wind on knob one rotation for each frame. The focus screen needs to be rotated to use the guides for 127 film etched into it, this entails removing the four screws retaining the focus hood. The film back is also required, of course. It has a magnifier for fine focus and an odd viewfinder through he slotted hood. The viewfinder is reasonably bright too.

This camera was donated to the collection by Dennis Gittings in November 2011, just needing a deep clean to get it presentable.

Ricoh Ricohflex Million, TLR camera

Body No. No serial.
Shutter, Riken, 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 and 300th
Lens, Ricoh Anastigmat, 8cm f/3.5
Condition, 5F

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