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Asahi Pentax Auto 110, 110 SLR. Photograph gallery.

Full frame image, the high contrast results from the use of 200ASA film in a camera calibrated for 80ASA, unfortunately no longer available. A selected enlargement from the picture at left. Fortunately modern print film has considerable latitude, so a print can be obtained despite the poor calibration.

the tip of the monument at Farley Mount

Over exposure tends to increase film grain, however this becomes an advantage sometimes and consequently the Pentax 110 enjoys some support amongst those looking for a graphic result. This is the tip of the monument at Farley Mount in Hampshire, UK.

first decent cup of tea

pumpkins just harvested in September
Siamese capital at Ayutthaya
Three images taken with some very time expired 100ASA film acquired off of ebay.
Above is the first decent cup of tea awaiting consumption after riding a motorcycle around the famed Thai Golden Triangle at the end of 2005, it was such a monumentous event it needed to be recorded for posterity.

Above centre, and somewhat closer to my own locale, are these pumpkins just harvested in September 2006.

Above right is part of the famous Siamese capital at Ayutthaya , taken in January 2006 .

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