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Pentax Auto 110 (Asahi), 110 SLR camera, c1979

Pentax Auto110, a delightful little Single lens Reflex camera with fully automatic exposure control and interchangeable lenses. Often seen as a complete kit, including a motor wind and various lenses in a presentation case. The camera is nicely made, predominantly from a tough plastic material which withstands normal use quite well. The mirror up mechanism also serves as the shutter. Made from 1979 to 1983, the Pentax proved popular - but was ultimately limited by the, already, obsolete 110 format. The batteries for the auto exposure control are only accessible through the film hatch and the camera itself is calibrated for either 80 or 400ASA film, both of which are near on impossible to find these days - 200ASA being the only speed commonly available. The camera "senses" the film speed by virtue of pin that is either pushed in, or not, by the film canister. This example, along with its dedicated flash, was donated to the collection by Mr. N. Bolton in August 2004 needing nothing more than a dust off.

A full range of lenses was available for the Pentax 110 range. 18mm, 24mm (standard), 50mm and 70mm along with a motor wind and dedicated flash unit. An updated version arrived in 1982.

Asahi Pentax Auto 110, 110 SLR camera, c1979

Body No.1427252
Shutter, Mirror acts as shutter, fully automatic
Lens No.1319474, Pentax 24mm f/2.8
Condition, 5F

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